ZS Chemicals provide the best calcium chloride products available in market. Our Calcium chloride, both dry and liquid, is used in a wide variety of applications in various industries….

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ZS Chemicals provide the best calcium chloride products available in market. Our Calcium chloride, both dry and liquid, is used in a wide variety of applications in various industries, from dust control on roadways to food processing. It is also used as an accelerator for ready mix concrete curing and as an anti-freeze for coal storage and transportation.



Calcium chloride can be used as:

  • A nutrient to supply calcium for crops,
  • A soil amendment to improve soil tilth, reduce sodium levels, and flocculate the soil, and
  • A post harvest dip to increase the shelf life of vegetables and fruits


The use of dry calcium chloride in animal feed mixes, especially dairy cows’ feeds, is increasing enormously. Calcium chloride helps in reducing the incidence of subclinical hypocalcemia disorders and milk fever, when fed to transition cows. It also helps in the proper absorption of calcium by acting as a cation-anion balance.


Calcium chloride is both hygroscopic (draws moisture from the air) and deliquescent (resists evaporation and stays in solution). The distinctive properties of Calcium chloride makes it ideal for maintaining unpaved roads and fortifying road bases for new construction. For roads to last longer, it is important to use Calcium chloride which regulates moisture on road surfaces.


Calcium chloride can be used to effectively remove fluoride from various fluoride bearing effluents. Governments are increasingly taking keen interest in regulating the use of fluoride in various industrial concerns. It has become essential to treat effluents that contain fluoride especially drinking water. Many industrial operations generate effluents containing high amounts of fluoride and need to be treated before their discharge into river streams.  Such industrial operations include semi-conductor production facilities, petroleum refineries and aluminium smelters.


Being a vital component for human and animal nutrition, Calcium chloride is used in many ways in food industry. Its applications include:

  • Fruits and Vegetables: Calcium chloride is used to prevent the breaking of fruits and vegetables during cooking and other processing, by increasing their firmness.
  • Cheese Manufacturing: Calcium chloride is used to increase the strength and size of the curds.
  • Beverage Manufacturing:Water used in the preparation of beers and soft drinks is treated with calcium chloride to remove its sodium alkalinity. Minerals are then added to the treated water which assure uniformity of taste regardless of where the soft drink is produced.
  • Novelty Ice Cream:Calcium chloride also serves as a refrigerant used in molds which are used for the preparation of frozen desserts and novelty ice cream.
  • Calcium chloride is also used as flavor enhancer and meat tenderizer.


Calcium chloride pellets are used to remove free or dissolved water or moisture from hydrocarbon streams in petrochemical plants and refineries. Use of calcium chloride pellets have proved to be the best in removing moisture.


Various deicers are used for snow melting purposes, Common deicers include magnesium chloride, urea, sodium chloride and potassium chloride. However, due to having the lowest freezing point among them, calcium chloride has proved to be the most powerful deicer as it has the most effective ice-melting temperature. It is used for melting ice and snow on aircraft wings, wind shields, parking lots, streets, drive ways and side walks.


Freeze Conditioning of Minerals:

Calcium chloride is widely used in mineral industry as a freeze conditioning agent as it is a better freeze point depressant and due to its property of weakening the crystal structure of ice. Calcium chloride is required in mineral industry because many minerals, especially coal, absorbs significant amounts of moisture when it is handled and transported. During winters, when coal is exposed to extreme weather for long durations, the moisture contained by it freezes which creates handling problems. Thus, calcium chloride is used here as freeze conditioning agent.

Dust Control in Mining Operations:

Calcium chloride, being hygroscopic and deliquescent, substantially reduces dust emission when spread on haulage roads, reduces road maintenance expenses, and stabilizes unpaved haulage roads by improving surface strength. It is cost effective and it eliminates calcium chloride dust while using flake calcium chloride.

Calcium Chloride, when dissolved and used as a liquid tire ballast provides several benefits. It increases traction, tire and tractor life, drawbar pull and also helps fuel conservation. Your local implement or tire dealer will assist with tire hydraflation.


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